Saturday, May 24, 2014

May 24

          Today was free for the students to do what they like! This was very exciting for everyone, a little rest and relaxation on the beach for the last day in Australia?  We all started off the day heading to the Markets, which were closed according to our resort receptionists, so we took off to a shopping mall instead to find some good bargains on Australia authentic souvenirs. Kali and Katelynn took off in a taxi to the Brisbane Markets which were in fact open, after their 60 dollar cab ride to the markets and some great shopping they found a wonderful lady who offered to bring them back to the hotel. Although most people would be skeptical of an offer like this the two girls didn’t mind. They said the nice lady was in a midlife crisis and probably needed them more than they needed her but they were happy to help in any way they could, as she was more than helpful for the girls.
            Caitlin, Jackson, Sara, Amy, Kristen, and Kaitlin started off by going paddle boarding and kayaking. As most of them had never paddle boarded before everyone did exceptionally well.  It was only $20 for 1 hour, which was plenty for everyone, making it a cheap afternoon. They then hit up Subway for a quick lunch and some shops along the road before making their way to the beach. Amy and Caitlin didn’t find it amusing to get wet in the water but the rest of the students had a blast being smashed by the large Australian waves.
            The rest of the group went over to King’s beach where the water and sunshine was gorgeous.  Matt, Claire, Emily, Brooke, and Melissa had fun sitting in the sand, frolicking in the water and trying to swim in between the big waves.  Claire and Emily were happy to find one of the cafe’s that actually had a large selection of both Coke and Pepsi products.  After a long day on the beach, the group headed back to the hotel to shower and get ready for the evening.

            For supper all the students gathered at the resort restaurant for a three-course meal. Although our tucker (food) took over two and half hours with 45 minutes between each meal the food was at least good. As you can tell the students really enjoyed their last day in Australia! I think we all really enjoyed the trip and the especially with our bus driver Bill. He was probably the highlight of most days with his glorious stories. All the students send out a big thanks to him for all the hard work he did and crap he put up with.

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